The amazing adventures of
Just Footprints Foundation

Just Footprints Foundation (JFF) meets the needs of children with serious health and life challenges and disabilities. It does so through unique outdoor camping experiences which provide intentional learning and play for these children.

Founded in February 2008, Just Footprints Foundation (JFF) was specifically established to meet the need for unique outdoor camping experiences with intentional learning and play for children with serious health and life challenges and disabilities. We provide safe, secure, free-of-charge recreational camp programmes with the backup support of a professional medical team.

JFF collaborates and has relationships with key reputable and experienced NPO’s and medical communities, who offer their specialised psycho-social expertise in the well-being of children to our camp programmes.

Camp Footprints creates opportunities for children with challenges to share in an amazing life-changing, friendship-building, memory-making adventure; to learn new skills, to develop confidence and enhance their self-esteem in a nurturing, fun camp environment.

Our campers are encouraged to be fearless, to escape, fantasise, and enjoy being just children once again.

Our Vision

Is to provide a special journey of life-changing adventures, for each child, that will leave an imprint on their hearts with hope for the future and power them with possibility.

Our Mission

There are several guiding principles that are essential in creating a truly special camp experience. The Just Footprints Foundation is committed to creating an environment where each individual, child and adult, can be physically and emotionally safe, feel support and love and always be treated with kindness and respect. We are planning to host 2000 campers annually whose young lives have been interrupted by serious illness or traumatic life circumstances.

Our Goals

  • To provide recreational camp experiences with intentional learning and play for children with serious illness and disabilities and help build their self esteem, confidence and discover a world of possibilities.
  • To provide retreat opportunities for siblings and close relations of affected children so that they can also experience the healing power of laughter and adventure– guilt free.
  • To offer hospital and outreach opportunities and bring the magic of camp right to bedsides and play grounds and restore choice to children who seldom, if ever, are afforded this opportunity.
  • To organise and manage camps for the children at other regional venues around South Africa.
  • To encourage and support family members and primary caregivers and offer camp weekend opportunities where they can get together in an environment marked by community and shared understanding.
  • To work closely with other organisations who have as a major part of their activities the care and support of affected children with health challenges and disabilities.
  • To work closely with any organisation, locally or internationally, which has similar objectives to the Foundation, and which can contribute knowledge and expertise towards the activities of the Foundation.
  • To ensure good governance, raise funds and generate income to sustain the organisation.
  • To secure the identified perfect site in the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve and develop a permanent, custom designed, universally accessible, eco friendly camp site of the highest architectural and safety standards that is suitable for camping adventures for children with serious health and life challenges and disabilities