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Project Description

Camp 8

Cotlands residential Turffontein and outreach in Soweto | Phiri Camp Kwalata Game Reserve in Dinokeng Gauteng
April 2010

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, 55 young campers were whisked away to join us for a weekend in the bush, close to nature and the Big Five. During this time, they got to be really active by swimming, running, playing and simply having fun. They experienced the joys of looking up into the bright sky to witness the thousands of stars, and then sing and have fun around the camp fire. Every activity was designed to help heal, build confidence and enhance their self-esteem in a safe and protected environment.

Camp 9

Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry – Soweto | Shekinah Camp in Mabula Game Reserve – Limpopo
June 2010
78 young adult campers joined us in a youth adventure camp 54km from Bela Bela and far away from home. This camp was facilitated by Ubungani Wilderness Experience. Not only did our campers get to experience the great outdoors, but they got to share the excitement of the soccer world cup with new friends. Although one of the coldest weeks ever recorded in Gauteng, that did not put a damper on the fun and great experiences had by all. It was a week filled with amazing memories.

Camp 10

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa – Gauteng | Die Hoekie Camp Site 
September 2010
A fun, exciting time was experienced by 73 campers who joined us in the beautiful Magaliesberg mountains for 5 days of rock climbing, hiking, swimming and other stimulating adventures. It was a time of re-discovering themselves, making new friends and finding out more about the world outside the walls of a hospital, where they spend much of their time.

Camp 11

St Mary’s Children’s Home – Rosettenville and SOS Children’s Village – Ennerdale | Phiri Camp Kwalata Game Reserve in Dinokeng Gauteng
November 2010
55 campers who have at one stage all lived together at Cotlands as young children were reunited for a camping weekend to catch up with one another. With vistas of trees and animals during the day and stars and campfires at night, new memories and experiences were shared by all at the Just Footprints Camp.

Camp 12

Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry – Soweto | Phiri Camp Kwalata Game Reserve in Dinokeng Gauteng
December 2010
After spending an amazing time on camp in June 2010, 62 young adult campers joined us for a follow-up camp. This camp was facilitated by Ubungani Wilderness Experience. The campers enjoyed learning more about their environment and about themselves, and discovered that, no matter how many times you go on a camp, you never have the same experience twice. Apart from the amazing variety of animals, birds, trees and insects that are discovered during each camp, new friends are made every time.

Camp 13

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa – Western Cape | Noordhoek Camp Site
December 2010
In a stunning beach-side camp, 23 campers joined Just Footprints and The Constantia Rotary Club for 5 days of fun and games aimed to make them forget, just for a little while, all their illness, and to remember what it was like to be a child and just play. In a protected, safe environment with medical staff available to ensure that they continue being well, the children were encouraged to push themselves to the limit through the many adventures and activities on offer.