Camping in South Africa

There are a number of different camping programmes being offered throughout South Africa by various organisations. They range from traditional and established Boy Scout and Girl Guide camps, to “veld” (outdoor/nature) school camp experiences and to specialized eco-education camps where the emphasis is placed on environmental awareness and appreciation. Most camps strive to provide a series of challenging activities for healthy and able bodied participants but unfortunately these camps do not cater for children with serious illnesses or with disabilities.

Why Just Footprints Camping is Unique

Designed to create positive, recreational experiences, our camp programs are purposefully developed to enhance coping and resilience; to foster independence and personal growth; and to help the children reach beyond the limits of their medical conditions. Although campers may only recognize the fun and adventure, every activity is intentional and provides therapeutic benefits to the children’s health, their quality of life and their future.

By creating a place where children with serious illnesses can connect with others like themselves, along with carefully trained and caring adults, Just Footprints camps and programs enable children to reach beyond the barriers of their conditions. This unique experience helps build important connections that foster resilience and support their growth in the face of challenge, restore their hope for the future, renew their spirit of childhood, and regain their sense of possibility.

Just Footprints Foundation intends providing an adventure that will enable these children to be children once again.

Our Camp Programmes

For Just Footprints Foundation to increase the number of camps hosted per annum, sponsorship for camps is needed. Camp costs, depending on the venue hire and transport,  include the training and participation of Camp Crew Members on a 1 Camp Crew Member to 2 campers ratio and a Camp Footprints goodie bag with toiletries, T-shirt, bandana, peak and water bottle.

Company team building opportunities and interacting with the children at camp could be arranged for donors who sponsor camps.

If you wish to sponsor a 3 or 5 day camp, a day at camp, the transport to and from camp or the goodie bags with toiletries, please do contact us for more information on our camp costs, the camp schedule and beneficiary campers.